Coal Harbour Engagement Photos - Vancouver, BC

When Z + A first met on eHarmony, her profile had only been live on the site for one day. That was all the time it took for her to be matched with Z. After exchanging messages here and there over the site, they quickly realized that they had found something worth pursuing a little more. When the time came for them to meet up, Z made the drive down to Burnaby and in true Lower Mainland fashion, the day was as rainy as can be! So that first day they met, they ended up exploring the cozy, furnished rooms of IKEA and had sushi for lunch (I approve!) As they continued their long-distance courtship, they took turns driving 4 hours each way to visit each other! And when one of them was over for a visit, it felt like a vacation weekend because they would make sure to take the weekend off of any work in order to spend that quality time together…

Now Zsolt was a little sneaky when it came time for him to propose. He made sure that Alison booked off the first Saturday of September for a special surprise, he was going to take her wine touring! So knowing this, Alison was a little suspicious and thought that perhaps this was the day that he would propose. A couple of days before this Saturday, they decided to go for a walk around downtown Kelowna and after a few minutes, they settled into a comfortable bench looking out towards the water. It was on this day that Zsolt asked her to marry him! And we all know what her answer was! She was delightfully surprised and they conveniently got to spend that Saturday wine touring to celebrate their engagement!


Alison and Zsolt are the type of people who will just go for a drive to find a place that is new and interesting to explore. While they were exploring Downtown Vancouver’s gorgeous waterfront, they found this hidden walkway in Coal Harbour right by Harbour Green Park! It had somehow retained its extraordinary autumn colours right through to mid-November so we chose the beautiful fall setting for their engagement session.

Nancy Breedveld