Green Timbers Park Family Photos - Surrey, B.C.

When fall arrives in the lower mainland, we see a beautiful colour change in the leaves of the trees and bushes. Greens turns to beautiful yellows and vibrant reds, it’s no wonder that many families choose this time of year to get their family photos taken! I’ve had the privilege of knowing this particular family since 2012, which was also when I started dating my now husband (Dave was his youth leader and pastor!) And I truly mean privilege because wherever Dave and Brittany are placed, they are cornerstones in their community, sharing and giving God's love wherever they are. It’s been incredible to watch their family grow and watch their kids develop their own spunky personalities! Back then, this family of now 6 was only a family of 3. Man, how time flies and how families transform with it!

For their family session, we went to the little known park in Surrey, B.C. called Green Timbers Park which is a part of the Green Timbers Urban Forest, a preserved forest in the Lower Mainland. Personally, I feel that this park is a hidden gem for photographers. I never used to photograph at this location – I would more often opt to explore the big name park such as Stanley Park or Deer Lake Park. However, being a resident of Surrey myself, I’m glad that Surrey has its own photographer friendly areas for us to use and enjoy! 

Scroll through the images below and see for yourself! I hope that you’ll sense the fall feeling of the images and notice the golden glow of the sunset on the grass, leaves, and bushes. As with most family sessions, I always try to catch some photos of the parents only, you’ll get to them at the end. Even once the kids come along, it’s always nice to get some images of the love story that started it all…

Nancy Breedveld