Lonsdale Quay Proposal Photos – North Vancouver, BC

I was scrolling through my Instagram one day when a notification popped up to let me know that I had received a new message, ooh what could it be! Turns out, it was A looking for a photographer to capture her brother’s proposal that coming Saturday! She sent me some inspiration photos of where they were hoping to have the proposal and mentioned that they were slightly worried due to the rain in the forecast… 

The plan was to have the area decorated and ready for the proposal before the couple arrived at the scene. A and her mom were going to set the whole thing up and leave just before D + J made their appearance. When I arrived that Saturday, it was definitely decorated! There were so many personal details in the set up: a framed collage of D + J through the years, fairy lights that shone on the glittering gold of the cloth, rose petals scattered on a walkway to the platform…and even some champagne glass for some bubbly celebration for soon after the engagement! It was picture perfect. 

 A received a text that her brother was in the area and quickly sent her mom away to wait somewhere they wouldn’t see her. We soon saw the pair walking across the park and towards that walkway, so A also had to run, we didn’t want the whole cover to be blown when we were so close! As the two walked closer, I did my best impression of a tourist photographing the scenes of North Vancouver and the scenes across from Lonsdale Quay, but I soon turned my lens onto them and on her for her reaction. 

At first, she seemed to wonder what the whole set up was and she a had a look of confusion on her face, maybe there was an event that happened earlier there? Perhaps a little picnic that someone had left behind? As she got closer and could easier make out the images of the two of them, together with the lights, rose petals, and candles, her face was even more puzzled! He led her up the rose petal filled lined walkway and held her hands in his. I could see all sorts of emotions cross her face as she began to understand what this meant for them as a couple and their life together! 

It is always so amazing for me to be able to witness such special moments like this one. It took several moments for her to settled into this new reality, and happy tears would spring up again each time she took a closer look at the set up and see all the time spent to create this once-in-a-lifetime moment for them.

Nancy Breedveld