Minnekhada Lodge Wedding Photos

Erica and Elliott have quite the everyday fairytale love story dating back to elementary school when they were age 6! Even at this young age, Erica had her eye on Elliott, noticing this young boy as a shy little first grader. Elliott, on the other hand, thought "Girls? Ew!" as little boys usually do! All throughout their grade school years, they were more acquaintances than friends, but admiring each other from a distance. High school graduation come and went and it wasn't until years later that they reconnected over a beer at Central City Brewing...

It was on this first official date that Erica had her elementary school feelings confirmed, impressed with how mature he had become and happy to realize that they had the same sense of quirky humour! Elliott sealed the deal when he ended that date with the most appropriate of pick-up lines: "Why don't you come back to my place?...my mom's making mini pizzas!" Who could resist mini pizzas?!

Spending time in the great outdoors hiking, camping, just enjoying nature had been one of the many things that they bonded over in their relationship so it was only fitting that they got married at Minnekhada Lodge. Despite the fact that they have planned an early February wedding (hoping for snow!) the sky decided to bless us with some beautiful sunlight for their wedding day!


Wedding Dress: Action Bridal
Suit + Kilt: Tartan Town
Catering: Austin Gourmet
Cake: Cakes n' Sweets
Gluten free cupcake: Cupcakes
Bridesmaids Sweaters:Suzy Shier
Bridesmaids Dresses: Le Chateau
Hair + Make Up: Samila Faizi
Florist: Kaia Kent
Venue: Minnekhada Lodge
Commissioner: Gaylene Shapka
Rings: The Gold Room



Nancy Breedveld