Winter Engagement Photos

When I first met up with Zac and Kayla, they were so excited about planning their wedding day for the following September and all the fall colours that would come along with it. Learning about their love story was so sweet! For the proposal, Zac had planned a lovely, memorable day that encompassed all of what they did on their very first date together which included hanging out at Castle Fun Park and eating out at White Spot among other things! But the cherry on top was the specific method of proposal. You know how some couples are extra cute and they have a box of suggestions that they add to for future dates and activities? Well Zac and Kayla are one of those couples and Zac had left a suggestion in the box for Kayla to find. And when she pulled out the suggestion it read "Marry me"...

Something that we had both hoped for for their engagement photos was snow and it actually happened down here in the lower mainland! That was a whole debacle in itself planning it because it can be quite difficult to plan around the weather, especially when it comes to snow. I'm pretty sure we went back and forth about 10 times texting over the span of a week seeing whether or not this was going to work...But I am so glad it did because as you'll see, the snow made for some pretty gorgeous wintry engagement photos!


Nancy Breedveld