Pitt Lake Engagement Photos - Pitt Meadows, B.C

When I first met Jordy + Zay, what struck me most was their willingness to share about themselves. I instantly felt connected them because they were so free and able to let me into their lives and their hearts. They shared with me their vision for their wedding day, their origin love story, and even some ideas on how to make their engagement session especially unique.

When they mentioned that they rode bikes, I immediately pleaded with them to bring them out somehow into our session together. Motorcycles, leather jackets, tattoos, and endless roads, what more could a photographer ask for? Well, only a carefree, wildly in love couple who was willing and open to my own creative vision that is. At first, we were playing around with the idea of taking our session to Olympic Village to play around with the city scape that our city has to offer, but in the end, the mountains and forest of the Pitt Meadows area won the over.

One thing that they wanted to have captured in these images was the depth of their oneness, the intimacy and vulnerability that was secure in the safety of their relationship, something that isn’t too easy to come by or to capture. I loved spending time with you guys, Jordyn + Zay! You guys challenged me as an artist in the best of ways, and I felt so privileged to have documented these sacred moments for you two. <3 Ready for round two in August!