Mount Seymour Engagement Photos - North Vancouver, BC

Okay, okay, I know that Winter is basically over and Spring is here but I thought it would have left a weird gap in my blogs if I just went from fall photos to spring photos… So here we are! 

When we were playing around with ideas for J + K’s engagement session, a wintry snowy setting seemed to be the best option. You know all the fun options we have with snow, the potential for snowball fights was too irresistible to pass up! So we waited and waited around through November…December…January…you guys all know how Vancouver, BC winters are right? They are basically a mish-mash of rain, cloudy, freezing rain, wet snow, more clouds, more rain, some sun, and about 5.78 seconds of snow. That’s Vancouver for ya! Luckily, we have a selection of beautiful local mountains to choose from like Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain, but we opted for Mount Seymour. It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon when we drove up there together. Jessica even brought a decorative sled of her mother’s for some of the photos. We ended up using it for both of them and there is a small chance that possibly, parts of the sled were broken in the process? Nonetheless, I loved how much fun these two brought to the session. Silly, goofy, down-to-earth couples are definitely some of my favourite ones to work with, because it doesn’t seem like work at all!