Sunset Beach Engagement Photo - Vancouver, B.C

Okay everyone! These two lovebirds are some of the funnest, energetic, and adventure-loving couples ever and their engagement session was one of my favourites BY FAR! Christina and Paul found in each other the perfect adventuring partner because they both love to travel the world and see all that it has to offer. In fact, when Christina contacted me over Facebook about their wedding, her profile picture had her sitting on a camel! They love travelling so much that I think they are making it a point to visit as many continents as they can and so far, they've conquered 5 out of 7 so I'd say they're making quite good progress!

For their engagement session, we went to a little known park called John Lawson Park in West Vancouver. The sunset there was so perfect and romantic, and P + C were so enthusiastic to have fun and show off their love to the camera...Again, I'll say it, one of my favourite sessions to date, and you'll have to see why below!


Nancy Breedveld