Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos

It may come as a surprise to you all that I have never actually taken photos during the ever famous cherry blossom time in Vancouver. When I first met with Jay and Celine, they mentioned that this was something that they were hoping to have done for there engagement photos so I was definitely keen to try it out! We waited around for the blossoms to come and had planned the session for the end of April and crossed our fingers that the cherry blossoms would stick around, and luckily there were still many beautiful trees by the Rose Garden at Stanley Park.

Jay and Celine were friends during their university years and drifted apart after graduation. They reconnected through mutual friends and after some convincing on Jay's part, Celine agreed to go out on one date with him. Fast forward to their engagement, Jay planned out a romantic proposal in Los Angeles by the beach. Celine may or may not have known that it was coming (because of the backpack that Jay was carrying around with them the whole time...). I love the way that they play off each other, Jay always finding a way to make her smile, and Celine being so carefree by his side...

Nancy Breedveld