I’m Nancy, wedding and lifestyle photographer living in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia. My photo taking journey started when I was inspired by other wedding photographers and offered to document a friend’s engagement. Equipped with my cousin’s fancy DSLR and a heart set on creating something beautiful, I photographed my very first engagement session! That was 5 years ago and since then, what started as a slight interest grew into a love of people and a love of telling their stories through photography. 

When I was younger, I would always get in trouble for socializing a little too much. Talking and laughing are two things that I am still very good at and they have become my most powerful tools in creating heartfelt images. Adventurous, playful, romantic…These are words I would use to describe my style. Each time I am behind the camera, I aim to capture real moments that you can remember for years to come.


A little bit more about me...

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01 Been married for 2 years to the love of my life. He's the Cheese to my macaroni, He's the calm to my Crazy, and He's my partner in Crime for Life. 

We met in our last year of high school when we had 7 out of our 8 classes together. Started Dating right out of High school, Got engaged 2.75 Years Later and Got It Signed, Sealed, and Delivered In the Summer of 2016.


02 Jesus is my lord and Savior! 

I Became a christian in 2007 after my sister walked me through a Tract or Pamphlet about Jesus. Before that moment, I always believed in God and that Experience Confirmed His Existence and His Love for Us. I Became a follower of Jesus and Was Baptized At Crescent Beach Years Later. 


03 Cannot Live without sushi. Sushi is my All Time Favourite Food. If I Could only eat one Type of Food for the Rest of my Life it Would Be Sushi.

My Parents Definitely Raised Us on Seafood (Crab, Oysters, Mussels, Clams, Tilapia), So I had a PreDisposition to Enjoying SeaFood. But When I first Tried Sushi in 2008 at dinner out with my Cousins, It was love at first Bite! And We've Been Going Strong Ever Since. Favourite Orders: Hamachi Sashimi, Tuna Nigiri, IKura Nigiri, Dynamite Roll, Ebi Sunomono, and on...


04 Earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication with distinction from Simon Fraser University. 

I've Always been good at Reading and Writing. Going through university was a bit of a must with my Vietnamese Upbringing So I went with what I loved: Communication and Media. Proud to have a degree under my belt and Proud to say that I use a lot of these skills learned daily in my business. 


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